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Before launching a new project, please contact our firm to clarify any doubts or to get the latest legal updates. Lawgeek helps innovators and technologists to navigate a dynamic set of laws and regulations by providing an up-to- date legal support, including contract drafting, contract review and legal advice specific to your needs. Contact us to request a legal opinion.

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Lawgeek aims to provide its customers with a useful support to the understanding of the contract through careful review of its text. In particular, the firm will:

  • Make sure that the contract is valid and effective;
  • transmit all the useful tips to improve your position and
    protect your interests;
  • check that the text is written in clear language, understandable and unambiguous;
  • highlight any risks and issues;
  • ensure that the contract meets your needs and requirements;
  • respond to your specific questions;
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Ask Lawgeek to draft your contracts. Before proceeding with the drafting, you will have a free phone call in order for us to understand your actual needs. After that, once accepting our quotation,the firm will draw-up a first draft which, upon your request, may be subject to further revisions.Once the draft is completed, we will send you the final contract by e-mail.

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Often many companies sign a contract without fully understanding its meaning and legal implications, endangering their own business. Lawgeek will make sure you understand what you are signing and help you to reach a satisfactory agreement with customers and suppliers. The firm represents you in negotiations and is available to contact your counterparty legal department to help you reaching an acceptable deal.

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Lawgeek provides legal advice to companies that have a presence abroad, either directly or through partnerships with international law firms. Our customers planning to expand abroad will find in Lawgeek a valuable support to their international growth.

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